Cascade is an interactive art piece made for Precis Digital, that invites for a conversation about how data collection, processing and visualization shapes the insights that can be created.

With Circuit Circus we created the piece Cascade for the Precis Digital offices in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Precis wished a centerpiece for their new meeting and event space, that could spark conversation. Cascade pulls the weather forecast for the following day and allows the audience to build a visualization of that data.

On the middle sized ring, you can cycle between different data points such as cloud cover, temperature and wind speed that are expressed in light animations. On the small ring you can cycle between a number of visualization modes. Your selection on each of these small rings can be submitted to the large ring, producing a specific visualization of two data points.

The piece is abstract in it’s immediate appearance, but allows employees at Precis Digital to use it for facilitating a story about data processing.

The rings are made from oak, that has been CNC milled to form a circle that houses LED lights, reflector and diffuser. Additionally, the large ring contains control electronics that fetches weather data and shapes the animations. Control of the system is allowed through capacitive touch sensors placed on the rings.