Light Objects

Light Objects are a triptych of light sculptures, where soft light plays on the natural patterns of pine wood.

When Light Objects are displayed as a light sculpture, warm light emitted from the aluminum profiles slowly dances across the pine boards. The calm but restless light evokes a dreamy atmosphere. In its own natural rhythm across days and weeks, the character of the light slowly changes back and forth as an internal tide.

Instead of displaying the internally produced light rhythms, an external signal can be sent to Light Objects allowing for the use of the boards as a canvas for other light experiences. Light Objects have for example been used as visuals for ambient electronic performances.

Each Light Object consists of a pine wood board and four aluminum profiles with LEDs. When turned on, the Teensy on board will generate evolving light patterns. Through ethernet, an Art-Net signal can be sent that will provide full control over the LEDs turning the Light Objects into a canvas for other expressions.

My responsibilities in this project have been hardware and physical design, embedded programming, light programming, and VJ’ing.