Peep (Show)

Peep(Show) is a performance by Det Ovale Rum that “invites the public into a collective exploration of the broad spectrum of the erotic and lust”. In two cubes covered in white fabric, performance artists are interpreting lust and sexuality, while the audience can explore these acts through film cameras with lenses protruding the fabric.

The images captured by the cameras are projected onto fabric in the middle of the room, creating a collage of the audience’s specific interest at any point in time.

In each cube we installed four custom-built ArtNet led-strip fixtures, that could be controlled from the sound booth. Along with customized software, this system allowed the production team to run two different light scenarios concurrently in each cube, while keeping it in sync with the music. Additional controls allowed the light scenarios to be tailored for each live performance as it unfolded.

My main responsibilities, was conceptualizing the system, designing the light scenarios and writing control software in Touchdesigner.

The performance was shown in "Den Frie" in Spring 2020.