Udsigtspunktet (The Viewpoint) is an interactive light installation on the harbor crane Dok8000. An installation where onlookers can participate in turning the structure into an interactive light sculpture at night.

From the viewpoint, placed on a bridge by Aarhus Harbour Front, there is a direct line of sight to the Dok8000 crane, which is towering above the Port of Aarhus – a quiet giant at the border between the city and the sea. By standing there at night, onlookers can bring the crane to life. When their presence is detected by a sensor, the light transforms from flat architectural lighting, into a dynamic interpretation of the weather conditions in the Bay of Aarhus, based on data from Sletterhage Lighthouse. The harbor front, the water, and the peaceful darkness invite the mind to wander and create a space for quiet reflection and contemplation.

This installation was created with Circuit Circus, and commissioned by The City of Aarhus. The installation was opened in Fall 2020 and is permanent. My main responsibilities were project management, lighting design, and software.